About Me

Michael Youssef

Hello, this is me! I’m a 26 year old (as of writing) guy, Australian born and raised, and have been living in NYC since 2021.

I studied at Monash University from 2015-2020, where I completed a Bachelor of Science, with an extended major in Psychology (the equivalent of a major + minor). While studying, I worked in various I.T roles, where I gained a wealth of experience from first starting in Sales, moving into Support Engineering, Technical Operations, and then Software Development.

While I’m by no means a guru in all of these competencies, my experience has helped me gain a wide understanding of the SDLC, the commercial and support sides of that equation, and a variety of other variables that contribute to producing quality software solutions.

I’m a naturally curious individual, and try to live purposefully, with ‘my hands on the steering wheel’. Music has always been a big part of my life, I played the piano growing up, and like to think that my Spotify playlist is pure gold.

Fun fact - I’ve lost count at this point, but I’ve owned 15+ cars! That’s what happens when you have a passion for JDM classics, and become acquainted with the import business.

Amongst my many interests and hobbies, you’ll most likely find me spending my free time going down some very random information rabbit holes, tinkering with some gadget I picked up at a thrift store, following the soccer (I’m an AC Milan fan), keeping up with the latest tech developments, and hitting the pavement/weights.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have visited a number of different countries and continents around the world, and have always been fascinated by other societies and cultures. Growing up in the suburbs of Melbourne, my circles were always deeply multicultural, and probably sowed the seeds for my never-ending curiosity in people and the world.

I am always happy to meet new people, and if you’d like my socials are all linked below for us to get connected!

About Me